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Founded in 1971, Chi Mei Frozen Food Co. Ltd. (CMF) is part of the Chi Mei Group headed by the Chi Mei Corporation, the world’s leading ABS plastic resin producer. In the early years, CMF focused on the export of frozen precooked eels. Then, responding to the changing times, our staff worked tirelessly to reinvent traditional dim sum foods and developed a local market for frozen precooked foods with our premium pork buns and “Da Shao Bao.” Our products not only pay tribute to traditional cuisine, but also demonstrate our uncompromising position when it comes to quality. One of CMF’s many innovative achievements was the successful launch of pork buns as a commercially packaged product. Our stringent quality standards helped secure close partnerships with convenience store chains like 7-11 and Family Mart.

Building on the success of Chi Mei Pork Buns, in 1994 we introduced Chi Mei Precooked Dumplings and launched the country’s very first production line for precooked dumplings! Today, Chi Mei Frozen Food is leading the industry with its refined production process for precooked dumplings in a market still dominated by suppliers of uncooked dumplings.

Our insistence on food safety and sanitation means that we strictly monitor production processes and maintain absolute separation between areas for cooked and uncooked foods, with no airflow between the two areas. Since 1995, Chi Mei Frozen Food has obtained various international food certifications in addition to CAS and GMP certifications. Chi Mei Frozen Food was also the first company in the country to obtain special permission for exporting seafood products to Europe and pork products to Singapore and Japan.

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